Britannia Mine Realtime Data 

This page displays realtime data of the tags listed below. Data is updated every 15 minutes.
Last updated: 3/24/2023 6:33:57 PM
BA-10008-6.88Combined Groundwater ConductivityuS/cm
BA-100220.00Combined Groundwater Flowm3/hr
BA-10037-0.50Combined Groundwater pHpH
BA-100780.00Total Discharge Flow Todaym3
BA-100790.00Total Discharge Flow Yesterdaym3
BA-101030.30Clarifier Effluent TurbidityNTU
BA-101049.07Clarifier Effluent pHpH
BA-101130.0010 inch FlowL/s
BA-1011452.198 inch FlowL/s
BA-1011651.74Reactor influent flow (Mine Workings)L/s
BA-1013528.18Mine Reservoir Levelm
BA-101824.84Mine Workings pHpH
BA-103364.40Britannia WTP Precipitationmm
BA-103375.86Britannia WTP Air Temp Hourly AvgoC
BA-103385.43Britannia WTP Air Temp Hourly MinoC
BA-103396.49Britannia WTP Air Temp Hourly MaxoC
BA-103405.00Jane Basin Preciptationmm
BA-10341637.00Jane Basin Snow Pillow 1mm
BA-10342592.00Jane Basin Snow Pillow 2mm
BA-10343171.70Jane Basin Snow Depthm
BA-10344-1.20Jane Basin Air Temp Hourly AvgoC
BA-10345-1.50Jane Basin Air Temp Hourly MinoC
BA-10346-0.90Jane Basin Air Temp Hourly MaxoC
BA-105200.72Groundwater Discharge PressurePSI
BA-105210.00Groundwater Discharge Flowm3/h